I just wanna know if he's dating someone

I don’t know if he is or not. I don’t live in New York, so I don’t know. Even if I did know that he’s dating someone, it’s none of my business to tell.


go into a starbucks in NYC and say very loudly into your phone “this movie script is stale and trite! we need some new talent, someone with a fresh outlook” and wait

Anything Goes
Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga — PLAYED 508 TIMES

Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga | Anything Goes (First promo single from the upcoming Jazz album, “Cheek To Cheek”) (x)


Being rude to service staff is #1 indicator that someone is garbage


People who need to play siblings in stuff, the definitive list:

  • Zach Woods and Ezra Koenig
  • Natalie Dormer and Dane DeHaan
  • Colin Jost and Aaron Tveit
  • Tatiana Maslany and Alia Shawkat