Dear People Buying Toms Shoes →





Why not buy a pair of SAWA shoes instead? The shoes are made in Cameroon, with all the materials coming from African countries — laces from Tunisia, rubber from Egypt, bags from Nigeria, and leather from Morocco. All buying Toms Shoes does is destroy local economies for the sake of making you think you’re helping the world by consuming more crap manufactured in China. 


These look way better than TOMS. 

cool.  also Toms are way fucking hideous and I never got those ugly ass things anyway. So. Yeah.  Also, I want to know where to get their soap!  It’s gorgeous!

Finally people getting real about Tom’s!!!

As a shoe expert, Toms suckers people into believing that they’re doing something good, but its a scam. The shoes are not eco-friendly. They’re made in sweatshops. And they say they donate shoes to children in third world countries, well how about sending money instead?